Spine Magazine 3


“Congratulations! You have recently participated in our customer survey and therefore we want to reward you with the following prize. You now have the chance to receive the 4th edition of Spine magazine ever put together. In addition, you will have the opportunity to follow Spine online and purchase Spine products from our web store. And all this for just a handling fee that covers all the costs! So, do we have a deal?” Could this be said in a more twisted or dishonest way? Recently, I received a similar call, about a certain Finnish publisher’s products. And I certainly had not participated in any kind of customer survey. According to the Finnish Consumer Protection law, it should always be stated at the outset if the call is going to be about sales. Well, you can already guess that it wasn’t. Personally, I would have been interested in receiving the sample edition of that certain magazine, and I would have even been ready to pay for it. But the way the whole situation was handled made me lose interest. The unpleasant habit many magazines have of approaching people by tricking them must negatively affect the reputation of the entire industry. I started wondering if the big players in the industry are really doing so badly, that they desperately need to scam people in order to survive. Similar magazine sales gimmicks are widely used in Finland. Simultaneously, the magazine shops selling single issues are vanishing. It almost feels like that in addition to scamming, the big players in the industry are focusing on complaining how digitalization is stealing their business from them. When at the same time they could be focusing on developing their own operations to respond to today’s media field and consumer habits. At its best, a magazine is a mutual artwork of its writers, photographers, and designers. It generates thought and addresses its readers sincerely. It stands the test of time and sticks around over a cup of afternoon coffee. For months. Or even years. It is an everyday luxury. This is what we aim to offer you in exchange for the “handling fee”. Topics that are relevant for only a specific time period should perhaps be shared via other channels. Printing ink does not fade away in a moment. Neither does quality content. We at Spine Magazine do not fully feel like we’re making a magazine. Instead, we’re putting together a collection of interesting topics, collected in classy covers that represent its makers. Simply put, we’re designing a perfect afternoon coffee companion for you. Differing from previous editions, we have decided to produce this one in English. That way, the perfect companion has a chance to bring joy to more coffee tables than before.
– Ilkka Kosunen, editor-in-chief


006 Editorial
008 Powsurfing
030 Corey Smith
050 Arniko Skateboards
062 Neil Hartmann
088 Robot Show
092 Searching for Folk-Viljami
100 Gallery
144 Anssi 8000
156 Mizu
164 A Renaissance Punk Master
174 Contributors

Our main channel for sales is our own website, but at the moment also these fine folks sell Spine Magazines: Talma Ski, Burton Store Helsinki and Good Life Coffee. We are getting more places soon.