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Tuska 2018

Text & photos Jari Salo Tuska is a metal festival that is located in downtown Helsinki, just by the famous Suvilahti DIY skatepark. The festival’s atmosphere is relaxed and the styles of music range from the Carpenter Brut’s synth wave to Clutch’s bluesy stoner...


Photo Sylvain Cabannes Text Kalle Viira The sport that usually comes to mind when you think of Nepal, the Himalayan Kingdom that covers eight of the world’s 14 summits of over 8000 meters, is mountaineering. Some might think big mountains would be great for...

Sideways 2017

Huoratron Text & photos Jari Salo   Sideways is a music festival in downtown Helsinki, Finland. Alternative music is the real spearhead of the festival, despite the fact it also features some big crowd-pleasing, mainstream acts like Dj Shadow and...


In the early 90’s, Rob “Whitey” McConnaughy started making snowboard films with his friends in Colorado using a VHS video camera. In the ear- ly era of larger than life snowboard films like Snowboarders In Exile and Critical Condition, Whitey brought the style and attitude of skateboarding into the world of snowboarding. Big kickers, big ollies, big rails, and big personalities combined with humor and fun.

Sun Angle

Sun Angle is a band from Portland Oregon, a city famously known for having more breweries than any other city on Earth. This is a good thing because Sun Angle are a true party band in its best form. Their live shows are a cyclone of sweat, sound, dance, tequila, pot smoke and ultimate freaking out. Sonically reverbed guitars, spastic hyper-fast drum beats and hypnotic trance like bass lines swirl together in a beautiful frenzy making you shake and smile.

Eph – Weirdly Lucky

Since it’s beginning in year 2000, Capita has paved the way snowboards look today. Even though “being ahead of others” never even was their point, says Ephraim Chui, or Eph as he’s usually called, the man behind Capita’s visual identity.