Photo Pasi Salminen, Rider Eero Ettala


Rider Wolle Nyvelt Photo Andreas Monsberger Text Miikka Hast “Powsurfing gave me a new stoke and made me feel like a kid again” -Jeremy Jensen, founder of Grassroots Powdersurfing The first boards made for snow were originally just kid’s toys that were used for...

Spine X Awards pisti taas ranttaliksi

Sadat nuoret ja nuorenmieliset kokoontuivat Forum Teatterille snoukkareiden kevätjuhlaan eli syysjuhlaan eli stipendienjakoon eli taputtamaan toisiaan olalle, kun Spine X Awards by Veikkaus -gaalassa julkistettiin vuoden voittajat.


In the early 90’s, Rob “Whitey” McConnaughy started making snowboard films with his friends in Colorado using a VHS video camera. In the ear- ly era of larger than life snowboard films like Snowboarders In Exile and Critical Condition, Whitey brought the style and attitude of skateboarding into the world of snowboarding. Big kickers, big ollies, big rails, and big personalities combined with humor and fun.

Sun Angle

Sun Angle is a band from Portland Oregon, a city famously known for having more breweries than any other city on Earth. This is a good thing because Sun Angle are a true party band in its best form. Their live shows are a cyclone of sweat, sound, dance, tequila, pot smoke and ultimate freaking out. Sonically reverbed guitars, spastic hyper-fast drum beats and hypnotic trance like bass lines swirl together in a beautiful frenzy making you shake and smile.