Spine X Awards pisti taas ranttaliksi

Sadat nuoret ja nuorenmieliset kokoontuivat Forum Teatterille snoukkareiden kevätjuhlaan eli syysjuhlaan eli stipendienjakoon eli taputtamaan toisiaan olalle, kun Spine X Awards by Veikkaus -gaalassa julkistettiin vuoden voittajat.


In the early 90’s, Rob “Whitey” McConnaughy started making snowboard films with his friends in Colorado using a VHS video camera. In the ear- ly era of larger than life snowboard films like Snowboarders In Exile and Critical Condition, Whitey brought the style and attitude of skateboarding into the world of snowboarding. Big kickers, big ollies, big rails, and big personalities combined with humor and fun.

Sun Angle

Sun Angle is a band from Portland Oregon, a city famously known for having more breweries than any other city on Earth. This is a good thing because Sun Angle are a true party band in its best form. Their live shows are a cyclone of sweat, sound, dance, tequila, pot smoke and ultimate freaking out. Sonically reverbed guitars, spastic hyper-fast drum beats and hypnotic trance like bass lines swirl together in a beautiful frenzy making you shake and smile.

Eph – Weirdly Lucky

Since it’s beginning in year 2000, Capita has paved the way snowboards look today. Even though “being ahead of others” never even was their point, says Ephraim Chui, or Eph as he’s usually called, the man behind Capita’s visual identity.

Danny Larsen

Danny doesn’t only unleash his creativity on a snowboard. He’s also possessed when it comes to drawing.

Sideways Helsinki 2016 – Amazing blend of artists, just add water!

Sideways is a music festival in Helsinki featuring a wide range of international and local artists. The location is ideal for urban festivals – it’s held in an old slaughterhouse complex, kind of meatpacking district of Helsinki with several different stages and easy access to public transportation.

Coal X Spine Magazine – Cap & Beanie Out Now!

Spine Magazine is proud to present a brand new beanie and cap collaboration with Coal Headwear from Seattle. We wanted to collaborate with a brand that shares the same uncompromising passion to the quality and doing things properly. Coal X Spine Magazine collaboration is very limited edition. So get your caps and beanies now before they are sold out. Shipping starts 14.10.2015.

Peetu Piiroinen – Insights

Peetu Piiroinen is a man of few words. Over the years he has made a name for himself through various podiums across the planet, but on rare occasions has he opened up his thoughts about snowboarding. The following action packed video trails Peetu around Europe after the busy contest season has ended and shows another side of his riding. Peetu reveals his point of view on progression of snowboarding and what keeps him motivated after a decade of traveling the world with his snowboard.

Rane Raitsikka – Stadi on sun koti taas

Lepakon valtaamisesta Suomen lavoille, Los Angelesin kaduilta Amerikan-kiertueille ja takaisin. Lama, Smack, The Hangmen, Atomirotta – ja monta muuta. Halusin kokeneemmalta ajatuksia keikkailun muutoksesta, mutta sainkin osan käsittämätöntä elämäntarinaa.