Selamat malam, Jeppe! How’s it going?
-Malam malam! Baik, terima kasih! Going back to Finland with a big bag of good memories, so i quess pretty well!

You were crowned as the overall ripper of probably the world’s raddest snowboard competition of 2013, Wappulounas. I know you’re a veteran participant in Wappulounas; have you got any success in previous years and how come the first place came this year?
-Well well, u got it right, probably it is! Been there, done that 10years in a row.  Always a good way to end the season. Previously I’ve got some bad luck, broken bones, too many drinks or maybe just pure laziness! But always tried to ride at least a bit, so lot of success but not in the podium, this year was “different” got a couple broken ribs and some problem with my knee, but I really wanted to ride and that’s what I did. Seemed to work pretty well!

Among other prizes and instant raise of status, you won a two-week Asenne surf camp in Bali and a custom-made Asenne surfboard. You told me, that this isn’t the first time on a surfboard for you – how long have you been surfing and where have you surfed before?
-Yeah actually I started surfing 2 years ago in Bali, it sure wasn’t love at first sight but i bit my lip and just learned it the hard way. After Bali, I went to Sri Lanka and there it really hit me, getting waves and to the line-up before the sun rises was just so fun and exciting.  I also went to Morocco last autumn for a nice 3weeks and now Bali again. So I would say that I’m hooked!


You chose to extend the getaway from the rainy Finnish Autumn to a four-week stay in Bali.  How has the surf been in Bali? Have you been punishing and commanding the prize-stick or counter wise?
-Well, naturally, hah. Always trying to maximize the trips, 2 weeks is just such a short time.  If you spend 3 weeks, probably end up being sick at least one week or part of it. 4 weeks or more is always better, sick, flat, hangover, whatever you still got some time!

Surf in Bali is amazing, its not that crowded for no good reason! But I don’t mind the crowds, just hop on the scooter and u r always able to find some spots where there is waves and not even that many people.

Stick has been working really well, so stoked to have my own custom made board. Got bunch of snowboards but its just not the same, really have to take care of this board, my little precious! Hahah! Yeah and of course I’ve been getting some proper washing machines, waves, bruises but at the end of the day it’s the memories of all those things that makes the day!

What’s the best thing in surfing compared to other board sports you’ve tried?

What’s your favourite surf break in Bali?
-Kedungu is pretty nice and when it’s small I like Seminyak just to goof around and have some fun.

What are your plans when going back to Finland?
-Umhmm! Do some work and try to figure out the plans for next winter…. Gone fishing!

What have been the highlight(s) of your month in Bali?
-Surf, people, bahasa, food(maybe not anything deep fried for a while now tho), sun, hammock, fuck mosquitos and last but not the least.. miss my scooter!!

Any greetings?
-Yeah, thanks Lehtomäki fam, Kimmo, Ele, Riku&Ansku you guys made my trip! Mika and the rest of wappulounas crew, guys who’s been backin me up, Teemu Takamäki, Seba Eklund, Totti, Offconsult, Arez, famil and bruvvas! Till the next time! Kanpang!